1972 born in Lviv, USSR



- Lviv Academy of Arts , ( Lviv Institute of Decorative and Applied Arts )


Art genres:

easel painting, graphic medium


Live and work in Kyiv, Ukraine


Main Exhibitions

2016 Exhibition "Modern Ukrainian surrealism", House of Artists, Kiev

2012 Personal exhibition ,"Atribut-Gallery" , Kyiv

2012 Exhibition"Caterpillar Dreams" , Hundred Years Gallery , London

2011 Exhibition of Ukrainian artists in London , Flaxon Ptootch gallery , London

2008 International Art Festival, Ukrainian House, Kyiv

2006 International Exhibition Silver Quadrate, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania

----- Ukrainian Youth Exhibition, Odessa

----- International Autumn Exhibition Vysoky Zamok, Lviv


2005 International Autumn Exhibition Vysoky Zamok, Lviv

2003 Exhibition Golden collection, gallery Nef, Kyiv

2002 Personal exhibition, gallery Nef, Kyiv

2001 Exhibition of graphic arts Letters for world, Lviv

2000 Triennial of Graphic Arts, Kyiv

1999 Exhibition dedicated to the Day of Ukrainians sovereignty, Lviv

----- International Autumn Exhibition Vysoky Zamok, Lviv


1998 Lviv Autumn Exhibition Vysoky Zamok, Lviv

1996 Exhibition dedicated to 50 anniversary of Lviv Academy of Arts, Lviv


Works are kept in collections of Germany, Poland, USA, Canada, Egypt, Austria and Ukraine (particularly in National Kyiv-Pechersk historical cultural reserve).

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